This page is dedicated to the men under Maj Higginbotham command. Time period for all information on this page is from March 1970 thru March 1971 Phan Thiet, Phan Rang, VietNam.

Recently I found a large box of Photos taken of the 192nd. Since I took them as slides, I have to convert them to photos to scan them to this page.

I say I found them but truthfully I received them from my Ex mother-in law. My ex wife had thrown them out and my mother in law pulled them out of the trash and saved them. She has had them for 34 years before my ex sister in law passed the word to me that she had them. When I asked her about them, she said she did not have the money to ship a box that size. I got her some funds and within a week I had them. I can not thank her enough for saving them. I will soon be posting them to this page.

As we all know, there has been many claims to fame by people who claim to have served in Nam. To set to rest some claims in as to our service, I have decided to write a novel about the 192nd PoleCats. I am about half way though it. Each polecat members has his own story of our plight in the sandy beaches of the South China Sea at LZ Betty. This Novel is for my family and any member of the 192nd AHC under Maj Higginbotham's command.

Due to the cost of publishing a book I plan to just use Staples to bond the books. I will put some of the photos I have in it and use fake names. All the information I write will be my own experience and be true to the best I can remember.

I had the opportunity to serve with many Units at the Company level during my Military career and I have to say the 192nd AHC was the Best Command I had ever got to work with. I do not know what our record was but I know it must have been the best for flight hours flown and missions completed, or our replacement Commander would not have be so crazy to beat it. It will be in my book, the whole truth with nothing left out. For you that served, you know we were the best. After 13,000 flight hours in helicopters, I still Honor the men of the 192nd AHC. WE BOW TO NO ONE!

June 1970, The day after the VC over ran D Troop 7th of the 17th. D Troop lost all thier OH6A Aircraft, except the one in the Maintenance Tent.
This is the O Club of the 192nd AHC, Phan Thiet.
LZ Betty, the day after. The Red White and Blue flew over the airfield. D Troop's OH6A were in ashes. All but one was satcheled
Cobras and Hueys were shot up with AK on thier way out.
June 1970, LZ Betty the next day after the base was over ran. Aircraft brought in to provide a respond to the attack. What ! You can make this aircraft go faster by cleaning the soot off the tail?

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