Welcome Home, members of the 540th TC (GS) !!!!!!!!

This page is for the men who served with the 540th during the debarkation to Vietnam in Aug 1965. These pictures have been lost for 34 years. I hope they can bring you as much joy as they have for me.
Major Morrison Commanding
Boat loading, aug 1965 Last Call
General Leroy Eltinge, Next Stop, Cam Ranh Bay General Leroy Eltinge, 540th TC aboard, Aug 1965
Unload at Cam Ranh Bay
Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. Sept 1965, off to the Tent City in
Nha Trang. After being attack by the VC, satchel charges thrown in to our tents, Gamma globulin shots in both cheeks being given and our gear being sent all over Vietnam. They told us to head North to Qui Nhon and set up shop. How can I ever forget that Tent City?
Moving equipment to Qui Nhon
Moving gear to Qui Nhon
Once Maj. Morrison got the word to move I use ever thing I could get to move our gear up to Qui Nhon.
Sgt., Charlie Harp
Qui Nhon, Vietnam 1965-1966
Repair Slip Unit Muster
Ron Whitney Mess
General LeRoy El Tinge
540th Transportation Company (GS) Company Area and Houches
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