Health insurance? What is it? Do you get good health when you buy some? In 1775 Captian Cook was looking for some health insurance for his men. Check out what he used for all the trips around the world. How good was it? It's hard to belive but it's true!! A fruit like no other. Given to him by a tribal Cheif. A health fruit few belive. In 1940 the U.S. Army found it and used it. Forgotten for years but you can read about it now.
Think about it, 9 months at sea and half your men sick, Captian Cook had a problem.

Captian Cook arrived in Tahitian on his first voyage of discovery with half his men sick of scurvy. Tahitian was the place he had to observe the stars, moon and Venus for the British Royal Society. This obversation was to set the date and time charts for later Mariners to navigate the world. During this time the Tribal leaders helped provide first fruit and greens for their diet Later the Chief helped Captian Cook establish a "Malt" grog to be served to the crew each day. This mixture of Noni, Gamma, and other fruits must have tasted Bad. It was know that Capt. Cook would have you tied to the mast and whipped with a Cat of Nine Tails if you refused to drink his grog. His dose was two(2) to three(3) pints each man per day. For his cure of scurvy Captian Cook received the British Royal Society's highest prize, the Copley Medal, an honor bestowed in other years to such as Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. However Captian Cook did not know what cured the scurvy as he reported that a clean ship, clean water, and eating greens was as helpful. With Sir John Pringle's review of Cooks papers and reports and interview with the Captian, his discourse disclosed the fruit juice as the cure. Thus the British Navy was to use lime juice as the noni and gamma was not available. So with the British Mariners drinking lime juice we have the Limmies. Noni was all but forgotten.

WWII came with the U.S. Army fighting in the pacific. 1940 the Army put the Noni fruit in the Manual to help with wounds and as a surveille food source. After the War Noni was again forgotten.

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